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We are starting this off with a BANG…

Unpopular opinion - PERHAPS instead of celebrating babies when they turn one, we should celebrate the mothers who survived the transition from maiden to mother. 

The women who shared their bodies for 10 months.
The women who birthed this beautiful new soul.
The women who went days, on weeks on months with next to no sleep.
The women who continued to share their bodies to nurse their babies.
The women who learned on the fly.
The women who changed diaper after diaper.
The women who made and attended all doctors appointments.
The women who researched endlessly to try and do the best job possible.
The women who were forced to defend every decision.
The women who deflected unwanted advice.
The women who put everyone elses needs first.
The women who did without because someone elses needs are first.
The woman who bought new clothes because the old ones just don’t quite do the trick anymore.
The women who tackled endless guilt about literally everything.
The women who would do it all AGAIN in a heart beat because thats how beautifully complex it all is.

Perhaps the completion of that first year should be handled a little differently because guess what! That baby has been celebrated, adored, loved and cherished every moment since before they were even earth side - she made sure of it. 
But that mom, that mom probably feels like she failed, like she didn’t do enough, like she could have done so much more. 

So on that one year lets hold her a little closer. Lets remind her that she did it! That she will continue to do it. That she is the most perfectly imperfect mother for her child.

Everyone holds the child.
But ask yourself, whose holding the mother?

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  • I love this! Congrats <3


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