Christmas Magic ✨

Listen fellow mamas, I know we are getting to crunch time.

You’re decorating your tree.

You’re putting up lights.

You’re watching hallmark movies all day long.

You’re baking.

You’re planning this extravagant meal.

You’re wrapping gifts.

You’re reading the night before Christmas on repeat.

You’re up late wondering if you’ve done enough.

Today I want you to read this next sentence as many time as you need to, to believe it

YOU are the magic of Christmas.

You’re quality time with your family is where its at. The little tidbits of Christmas cheer you’re sprinkling about, the elf on the shelf, the 12 foot Christmas tree, the second tree you agreed too for the basement, the endless supply of goodies is all just a bonus.

You are enough.

Your grown child will never look back on their 6th Christmas and be like “that bitch didn’t get me enough stuff”. They are going to remember being cuddled up on the couch watching home alone, eating popcorn in the glow of the Christmas tree lights in their grinch

You do not need to buy more, decorate more or cook more.

You need to just be there.

Have dance parties in the kitchen while you cook a frozen pizza.

Hit up the toboggan hill instead of running from house to house for the holidays.

Watch your favourite movies in your pjas all day.

Don’t worry about getting the perfect Christmas family photo.

Be goofy.

Have a snowball fight.

Make funny looking cookies with way too much icing.

Slow down.

Remember that the magic, the memories, the meaningfulness of this time of year is about being together. It isn’t about stuff ❄️

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